Step Into the Spotlight: How Do Actors Find Auditions

Do you want to become the next big star? Are you looking to get experience before you sign up with an agent? Or, are you trying to get your feet wet as an actor?

Whether the answer is yes to one of those questions or all three, you’ll need to first get an audition. But…

How do actors find auditions?

  • Through Your Agent
  • Through Acting Classes
  • Online
  • Local Theatre Websites
  • Casting websites
  • Casting agencies
  • Social media

There are various ways you can find auditions, and as an actor, learning to audition well can only be learned with experience.

In this post, we’ll go over how actors, from very experienced to non-experienced, find auditions. 

Through Your Agent

The way most professional actors get auditions is through their talent agents. Agents will get submissions from films, theatre, television and commercial directors who are looking for specific types of people. The agent will then submit the actors on their books who can fill the role or roles. The casting director on that specific project will then get back to the agent and let them know who they want to audition.

However, if you’re a completely new actor, the idea of getting signed with an agent with no experience or connections can be daunting. As such, you’ll need to have a few things under your belt before you submit yourself to an agency. Sometimes, agents will reach out to you if they see you in a play or a showcase and know you’re unrepresented, but this is fairly rare.

If you have friends or family who have an agent, you may wish to have them pass along your information to see if the agent might be interested.

If you’re totally inexperienced, you should first try freelancing with local productions before you try to secure representation.

Through Acting Classes

You can hone in on your skills and get information on local auditions through an acting class. You don’t need to sign up for a drama intensive or drama school, but if you sign up for a one-off acting course, the teacher will likely have some connections in the industry. They can then pass along information such as auditions that are going at the moment for your type.

You may wish to continue taking acting classes throughout your career, even if you do land roles. A serious actor works on their craft, and if you want to succeed, you’ll need to take it seriously.


The Internet is one of the major ways people find auditions, especially for projects they have no other connections to. Most of the time, the parts you find online will be for little or no pay, or may be for bit roles. It is unlikely a well-known Hollywood producer will notice a casting site looking for inexperienced actors. This happens occasionally, but not often enough for you to find a plethora of auditions for you to attend.

Here are a few places you might find auditions:

Local Theatre Websites

Most theatre companies, even professional ones, will have auditions listed on their website for upcoming productions. Theatre is a great way to stretch your acting muscles and help you develop as an actor, and being involved in a few local productions never hurts.

Professional theatres will often use casting agencies, though sometimes they will open their auditions to the community.

Keep tabs on the theatre companies in your area online by looking at the pages on which they announce their open auditions.

Casting Websites

Casting websites are another great way to see what’s out there and if anyone is looking for your type. is a famous one for the US, but they will sometimes have calls for actors based in Australia or New Zealand. ShowCast and StarNow also list Australian-based auditions.

Have a few of these in your rotation and check them weekly. You’ll definitely find yourself with a couple of auditions a month, at least if you look very regularly.

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Casting Agencies

Casting companies, which are not the same as agents, will sometimes put information online for projects where the actors need no experience.

A casting company or agency works for the producers to cast a film or television serious or theatre performance. A talent agency, like us, is an agency for the actor and will respond to calls, most often from casting agencies.

Find a few casting agencies in your local area and bookmark them. They will often be looking for new actors and talent to onboard.

Social Media

Social media is taking over everything these days, and that includes the acting industry. You don’t need to be a famous YouTuber or an influencer, but having some presence does help. Consider putting up a reel or a highlight of some of your best moments, which is publicly accessible and can be sent to casting directors immediately.

However, having a large following can put you in a prime position to be approached for a project.

How Do Actors Find Auditions

So, how do actors find auditions? You can find auditions in many ways; the trick is to find the right one for you. Acting is about three things: talent, commitment and luck. You’ll need talent to get your foot in the door, commitment to refining your craft and a bit of luck in being the right person for the project auditioning at the right time.

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