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Fashion Model Talent Management


We represent the beautiful, the diverse and the unique — our commercial models are featured in everything from local fashion catalogues to global lifestyle campaigns.

Actor Talent Management


Our actors star in commercials, shows, and films directed by some of the biggest names in the industry.

Creative Talent Management


From musical theatre performers to comedians to sports stars and beyond — we represent a hugely diverse spectrum of creative individuals.

Influencer Talent Management


We help our influencers connect their audiences with the right brands and companies.

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Application Process

Talent Application Process


To Hunter Talent

Fill out the application form and make sure to add a clear picture with a great big smile.

Talent Application Process


With Talent Agents

Our talent agents will review your application and invite you for an interview if they feel you have potential.

Talent Application Process


The Hunter Family

Following the interview, if our talent agents feel you have what it takes, you will be offered a contract.

Talent Application Process


A Photoshoot & become a STAR!

After joining Hunter, book your photoshoot and the team will work their magic and kick off your journey to becoming a star.

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Now Hunting Actors, Models, Creatives & Influencers

We’re on the lookout for talented people looking for professional representation in the industry.

Actors, models, creatives, and influencers — if you want to take your career to the next level, then we want to talk to you.

Remember though, we only represent the fiercest talent!

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Our Clients

Love Our Talent

We hunt talent for the biggest brands and production companies in Australia and beyond. If you want to work with the best of the best, then you’re in the right place.

  • Just want to thank Hunter Talent for putting me up for an Australia's Seniors Insurance TV add - my first professional add acting after being a musician for 39 years! Everything organised so well and I had a blast doing it. Fantastic film crew etc etc etc. Here's to more in this field and looking forward to seeing it on air in Feb or March 2024!

    Warwick Tyrrell Avatar Warwick Tyrrell

    The team at Hunter Talent are really great to work with. They are so proactive, communicative, professional and friendly. Highly recommended.

    G H Avatar G H

    Love the team, great communication!

    Brooke Ross Avatar Brooke Ross
  • Hunter Talent has always had excellent communication. Information regarding shoots and auditions are always communicated clearly and the team are very friendly, open and helpful!

    Michelle Suwandy Avatar Michelle Suwandy

    The support I’ve received from all the team at Hunter Talent is unmatched! Everyone is so friendly and welcoming it really feels like a partnership working with them! I’ve only been signed for a short time and have been apart of some really cool meaningful projects! I’m so excited to keep working together and continuing this journey! Thank you so much!

    Ruby Donaldson Avatar Ruby Donaldson

    The photographer was absolutely lovely and made this entire experience so much fun! All the staff were kind and very welcoming. Such a fun job and environment!

    Miya Saunders Avatar Miya Saunders
  • Fantastic agency! Very friendly and helpful. Will always put you forward in roles that best represent you as an artist!


    Amazing experience working with the team Atmosphere was beautiful. In the way. The art was designed was amazing. The support that we got from Hunter Talent was amazing, I’m excited for more opportunities in the future

    Karan Jamboj Avatar Karan Jamboj

    Love the team! They are very professional and kind. They helped me score an amazing job 😊 I am extremely grateful ✨

    Eve Conomos Avatar Eve Conomos
  • Nothing but positive experiences when working with Hunter Talent agency. Every process is made easy when working with the team.I look forward to continually working closely with the team!

    Louisa Harrison Avatar Louisa Harrison

    Great company to work for, always looking after their talent, would have no hesitation in working with them again

    Jill Davis Avatar Jill Davis

    Hunter Talent is a fantastic agency, and everyone there is genuinely lovely. I hope to get more opportunities to work with you guys!

    Saskia Hardini Avatar Saskia Hardini
  • Hunter Talent is the real deal if you are starting out and looking for acting representation in the industry. They are always super responsive and actively putting their talent up for briefs. You even get a notification every time they do! Great team to work with and be a part of :)

    Queenie Ling Avatar Queenie Ling

    Absolutely amazing experience. I had a warm welcome and felt comfortable for the entire shoot.

    Lucas Searles Avatar Lucas Searles

    5 months of joining and 6 auditions later, I grabbed my first project and I am truly satisfied with my partnership with HT

    Barsha Doley Avatar Barsha Doley
  • Signed on excited to get started

    Josh Meeuwissen Avatar Josh Meeuwissen

    The entertainment business is tough to navigate. It doesn’t end with just booking gigs. It requires having the right mix of skills, creativity, time management & patience. Having a killer team in your corner, helping sharpen your game, is the difference between feeling alone or supported. The Hunter Talent team, are the best, they’re absolute beasts, they won’t stop until it’s hunted & the kill is on the table. The team are beyond supportive of myself, my creativity & guiding me with absolute professionalism. 5 stars killers.

    MJ Wilson Avatar MJ Wilson

    Great expeince working with HT team completed my first project Prompt response and briefing about each project is very help full

    Mudassir Khan Avatar Mudassir Khan
  • I got my first tv gig with Hunter Talent, my excitement couldn’t be explained. I am thankful and looking forward to more opportunities that will lead to a fulfilled career in entertainment. My experience so far has been effortless.

    Mandy K. Avatar Mandy K.

    Wonderful agency, they look after their talent and are always working hard.

    Tim Gollan Avatar Tim Gollan

    Booked a TVC a couple of weeks ago and had a great experience with Hunter Talent! They were so lovely, communicative and quick to respond to my questions! Thank you HT :)

    Natalie M Avatar Natalie M
  • I get lots of auditions and recently booked my first job in a CBA TVC. Thank you and well-done Hunter Talent.

    David Walander Avatar David Walander

    I have been made to feel welcomed and included since first joining Hunter Talent. With regular emails and social media postings keeping me up to date with what's happening in "Hunter Talent world", I have a real sense of 'belonging.' Almost every week I receive notifications of jobs I have been submitted for, and auditions often come my way. For this reason, I certainly don't feel overlooked, but quite the opposite. My recent job, a TVC, was a highly professional and fun experience. I'm thrilled to be part of the Hunter team and very grateful for all their hard work behind the scenes. In my experience, it certainly pays off.

    Michelle Kinnane Avatar Michelle Kinnane

    The team at Hunter Talent communicate really well and are very efficient when it comes to auditions and jobs. Friendly team!

    Sarah McCormick Avatar Sarah McCormick
  • I love the experience, they help you throughout the process.

    maraia .t Avatar maraia .t

    Such an incredible agency. Very professional, but also are the kindest group of people and communicate very effectively. Got my first job within a month of being signed!

    Anais Hamilton Avatar Anais Hamilton

    From Audition to Shoot Date, everything was a smooth and overall a seamless process. This was my first job with a huge retail brand. Communication from the Hunter team was excellent and everyone I worked with was warm, helpful and really lovely!

  • The team here is phenomenal! You won't find a more dedicated, hard working, team anywhere else. They are dedicated to giving you the best work possible and it's even better when it comes from a group of people who love what they do. I would recommend them to anyone!

    tanaya fraser Avatar tanaya fraser

    I am new into this entertainment industry and Hunter Talent has been super supportive in my journey. I have successfully been able to grab a few projects through them! Their communication is clear and up to date at all times. They have responded promptly to my queries. I would highly recommend this agency.

    Anu Saxena Avatar Anu Saxena

    Great Team! Very supportive and happy to assist anytime! It's been such an wonderful journey with HT, feeling very welcomed since day 1!

    Filipe Guerreiro Avatar Filipe Guerreiro
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