While other modelling agencies may take a scattergun approach to promoting you as a model, at Hunter Talent we prefer to dig deeper and find those jobs that are ideally suited to you.

It’s a model management style where we play the matchmaker, bringing stellar clients and talented Australian models together.

And that’s why the big clients come to us for their talent needs.
They know that we don’t just book models for work, we manage their careers.

So what happens when Hunter Talent manages your modelling career?

Let’s break it down into three parts.

hunter talent model search

Model Search

This is when a client comes to us with a specific need. A curvy model, a model from a particular cultural background, or perhaps even a model with a particular skill set — it could be anything.

This is why we take great care to make sure that all the right details are clearly visible in your profile and that your headshot and any other images represent what makes you, you.

In other words, our job is to make it easier for clients to find you.

It may sound simple enough, but you’d be surprised at how many models miss out on golden opportunities because their agency hasn’t highlighted their attributes correctly.

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Model Casting

If a client is interested in taking a closer look at you, then they may want to call you in for model casting. This is when they get to see what you’re like in person and how you handle yourself in a studio environment.

The client will contact Hunter Talent and provide us with all the model casting information. We’ll run through it and make sure that there are no unreasonable requests or expectations before passing on the details to you.

At this point most agencies will leave you to it, but we’re not most agencies — we’re managing your career, right?

So if you need it, we’ll be more than happy to talk you through the model casting process and give you some tips and guidance based on the brief and any other information provided by the client.

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hunter talent model casting
model booking

Model Bookings

Once a client is happy with your model casting, then it’s all about the booking.

As your agent, Hunter Talent will ensure that the rate offered by the client meets the minimum industry standard for the work you will do. We’ll also once again go through any requirements and expectations to make sure that nothing unreasonable is asked of you.

When the job is finished we’ll invoice the client and forward your payment to your account as soon as the client has paid. It rarely happens, but if a client is late in making payment, we’ll be the ones to chase them up on your behalf.

As we said earlier, at Hunter Talent we don’t just book you work, we manage your modelling career.

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