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Gold Coast Acting & Modelling Agency

Gold Coast Acting & Modelling Agency

It should come as no surprise that a city as vibrant and full of life as the Gold Coast boasts a wonderfully diverse pool of actors, models, influencers and creatives. And when it comes to entertainment markets outside the big two of Melbourne and Sydney, the Gold Coast is right up there with the best of the rest.

The city is fast becoming a major hub for talent on the East coast and it’s why here at Hunter Talent, we now represent some of the most talented actors and models in the Gold Coast.

A City Full of Opportunity

While it’s true that the Gold Coast may not be in quite the same league as Melbourne, Sydney, or even Brisbane when it comes to acting and modelling roles, there are still some great opportunities for the right talents. And finding those opportunities is what we here at Hunter Talent do best.

While we sometimes head to the Gold Coast to find the right actors and models for nationwide campaigns or filming productions, quite often we’re tasked with finding the right local talent for local clients or productions and shoots that are based here in the Gold Coast.

And let’s face it, that’s why we have a presence in the city — to help Gold Coast actors and models find those rare opportunities that could lead to something more.

While we may not have a bricks and mortar location in the area, we work to ensure that all of our Gold Coast actors and models get the very best in terms of representation. More often than not, this means getting to work with both national and international brands and production companies.

A City Full of Opportunity

Looking for professional representation in the Gold Coast area?

So if you’re an actor, model, creative, or influencer looking for professional representation in the Gold Coast, then go ahead and get in touch with us through our contact page or just give us a call on 1800 491 828.

Looking for Talent?

If you’re a casting director or photographer looking for fresh talent, then go ahead and give us a call or fill out our client contact form.


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Australia's favorite talent agency!

Ralph Gica

A modern agency with a lifetime of experience.

Melo Bautista

Im very happy to be part of this AMAZING TEAM! thank you so much and more power guys!

Maowie Reyes

Awesome Service, and very professional!

Anthony Lam

Love working with the Hunter Talent Team!

Ty Matanda
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Matching the Best Gold Coast Talent with the Best Clients

Here at Hunter Talent we have a reputation for only working with the best talent in the industry. And it’s this reputation that has made us the go-to agency for many of the country’s largest brands and production companies.

In short, when a casting director or photographer comes to us looking for actors and models in the Gold Coast, they know they’re going to get the best of the best.

And it works the other way too — the talented actors and models that we represent in the Gold Coast know that they’ll only work with the very best brands and production companies.

So if working with amazing clients and the best photographers in the industry sounds like something that you’d be interested in and you live in the Gold Coast area, then we want to hear from you.


Our Gold Coast clients continuously flood us with briefs that require talents from a hugely diverse range of backgrounds and so we’re always on the lookout for new faces to add to our books.

Young or old, fresh or experienced—we don’t care about your looks, all we care about is that you have the drive and passion to succeed in the industry.

Our Gold Coast agents are looking for these types of talent.


We help a hugely diverse range of Gold Coast models manage their careers and we’re always interested in adding to that diversity. This means that we’re interested in anyone that has a passion for modelling regardless of your body shape or experience. That’s what makes us the go-to agency for brands and photographers looking for models in the Gold Coast.


It’s no surprise that the Gold Coast is a hotbed of activity for the entertainment industry and that means that the demand for local actors is quite high. We already help quite a few local talents with acting career management, but we’d love to add some diversity to our books. So if you have a passion for acting and live in the Gold Coast area get in touch and let’s talk about your career.


The Gold Coast boasts some of the best and most popular influencers in the country and we’d like to add your name to that list. Regardless of your niche or the audience you target with your content, there’s always a brand out there that needs your services. And if we manage your career, we’ll help you find them.


Dance, music, literature, paint, sculpture, or even comedy—no matter what your chosen medium of art is, we want to help you kickstart your career and share your work with the world. So give our Gold Coast agents a call and let’s see how we can help you achieve your goals.

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Miya Saunders
Miya Saunders
2. December, 2022.
The photographer was absolutely lovely and made this entire experience so much fun! All the staff were kind and very welcoming. Such a fun job and environment!
28. November, 2022.
Fantastic agency! Very friendly and helpful. Will always put you forward in roles that best represent you as an artist!
Catherine Crowley
Catherine Crowley
14. November, 2022.
Hunter Talent are a fantastic organisation. Highly professional and caring. Love collaborating with these guys.
27. September, 2022.
Great team! Amazing opportunity. Highly recommend! Remi
leya joseph
leya joseph
27. September, 2022.
Amazing team. They helped me out with my castings and shoots. Great customer service.
Danai M
Danai M
19. September, 2022.
Lovely Agency
john madden
john madden
12. September, 2022.
Very happy with Hunter Talent - no fuss service and a genuinely talented actor helped us nail our campaign.. thanks !
Tristan Rousselot de saint ceran
Tristan Rousselot de saint ceran
12. September, 2022.
Nice Agency to work with !

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