Can I Become an Actor
With No Experience?

You want to become an actor, but you have no experience and no idea where to start.

While you may dream of hitting the big screen, or following in the footsteps of your idols, getting to that position can feel almost impossible. How do you turn your passion into a career? 

If you are an actor with no experience, it can feel very overwhelming. From audition tapes to acting classes, networking to building a portfolio, it can be a tricky path to navigate. But don’t worry, we all have to start somewhere. The likes of Chris Hemsworth and Margot Robbie had to begin their journey from scratch. 

Just because you lack experience, it doesn’t mean you can’t have a successful acting career. Here at Hunter Talent, we discover the brightest talents and pair them with the perfect opportunities. This could be you. 

So, Where Do You Begin?

The best place to start is at the beginning, and by that we mean take some time to research and figure out what it is you want to do. It’s wise to ask yourself how much you really know about the acting industry.

Studying and researching each area of the industry will only benefit you. It will give you a better understanding of how the business works. Maybe you acted in a school musical or joined the youth theatre, but do you know anything about marketing or acting agencies? 

Building your knowledge will also build your confidence so that you know exactly where you’re going to go in the next step. 

Every actor’s journey is unique, so bear this in mind as you formulate a plan. As you educate yourself, start setting realistic goals that can help you move one step forward. 

Another reason to delve deeper into the industry is to decide whether acting really is for you. Acting is one of the most competitive jobs. As you unearth the realities of acting, you might realise that this isn’t a sustainable career choice for you. 

Rejection is one of the toughest elements in this kind of career, and it’s worth thinking about how well you deal with rejection. This is before even considering the lifestyle choices you will need to make (including your finances) as you begin building your portfolio. 

It is possible to achieve your acting dreams, but it’s wise to really consider your dedication to the industry. 

Once you’ve gained a better understanding, now you can focus on your acting studies. Before you approach the auditions stage, you need to hone your craft. Here are some books to get you started. 

Reading about the best techniques won’t be enough. Make sure you apply the techniques you learn to your practice. 

Make a Plan of Action

You’ve gathered enough information by this point to know where you stand, but where do you go from here? This next step is crucial in setting yourself realistic goals that you know you can achieve. Here are some questions to help you start putting together a plan.

  • What area of the industry do you want to work in? This could be TV, film, music videos or on stage
  • What training will you need in your particular field?
  • Do you need to book coaching sessions?
  • How do you find auditions and how can you apply?
  • How are you going to practice your acting skills? 
  • Financially, how much is this going to cost you?

Although the amount of work you have set yourself might feel overwhelming, creating a plan will actually encourage and motivate you. It allows you to see the progress you’re making. 

Acting Classes

You can’t just jump straight into auditions without developing your craft. Whilst everything else might feel out of your control at the moment, you can be proactive by signing up for acting classes. 

Not only are acting classes essential for honing your skills, but it also allows you to network and connect with like-minded people. Who knows who you might meet? This could open doors for new and exciting opportunities. 

Classes can also offer an idea of what acting is like, putting into practice your skills. If you haven’t been to drama school or taken part in community theatres, then you won’t have this experience. You can find different types of acting classes here. 

We all know that practice makes perfect in every aspect of life, and the same applies to acting. Keep practising and allowing yourself to experiment and learn important techniques. 

Courses like this will help you set foot in the right direction. 

getting into acting with no experience

Actors With No Experience

Now that you have developed essential acting skills, you can begin the search for experience. Start small and work your way up. 

Drama Clubs

There are several ways to do this, and each one will depend on where you live. Drama clubs are a great place to start. Drama clubs are groups of passionate actors who likely have the same aspirations as you. This is perfect for connecting, networking and practising your craft. 

Community Theatres and Films

As we mentioned here at Hunter Talent, community theatres and students films also offer valuable experience. Similar to drama clubs, they provide a whole host of opportunities that you can add to your showreel and CV. Like any other job, casting directors will want to see an impressive resume. 

Student films are another option. The great thing about student films is that, because they’re part of the university, they create projects all year round. Therefore, it’s likely you can take part at any time. 

Indie films are an equally important way of learning what it’s like to work on a film set. You can apply for roles on websites like this.

Social Marketing 

Acting doesn’t have to be restricted to community theatres and drama clubs. It’s wise to get experience across multiple platforms. Social media is perfect for practising your skills without even needing to leave the house. 

Another benefit of social platforms is that you can receive immediate feedback. Whether you structure your own monologue on Instagram or create your very own scene on TikTok, they are all exciting ways to develop your talent. 

Social marketing acts as a form of networking, and it has been suggested that some casting directors will likely book an actor based on their social media presence. 


As important as your acting skills are, headshots are equally influential. They are the business cards of the industry, highly increasing your chances of being offered a role. 

Schedule a photoshoot before you begin applying for auditions or seeking out talent agencies. This way you will appear professional whilst making it easier for the casting director or agent to see if you fit the role. 

Not only can you use them externally, but why not use them internally too? They can feature on your acting website or your professional social media platforms. You could literally use them on your business cards, so all your details are in one place!

Look for photographers who have experience in headshots, to capture the best portrait of you. Depending on where you are located, photoshoot prices can differ. A starting figure is around $150 to $270, but bear in mind that if you change your appearance regularly, you may need to keep updating your headshots. 

Showreels and CVs

A cinematic CV of sorts, a showreel is a video portfolio of your acting highlights. Keep it to around 3-5 minutes and choose your best acting moments to really showcase your talent. 

The same applies to CVs. Select relevant career highlights and experience, keeping it simple and clear. Your personality will shine through your showreel performance and headshots.

Finding a Talent Agency

The final stage of your plan is to search for a talent agency. 

What Does a Talent Agency Do?

A talent agency will help you land jobs by submitting you to casting directors and producers. Agencies such as Hunter Talent will find you auditions with the potential to land paid work. 

Even if you are an actor with no experience, we believe that you can still be represented. We welcome anyone who is dedicated and prepared to develop, improve and grow their talents. 

So, what can you expect if you work with a talent agency? Your potential will be optimised, finding suitable auditions for you, making your goals clear and effective, offering different routes and opportunities while supporting your career in general. 

If you are an actor, with or without experience, then apply to our talent application here. If you think you have that special something, then we’d love to meet you!