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What to Do When Your Acting Career is Quiet

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Experiencing a quiet period in your acting career can be unsettling, yet it’s also an excellent opportunity to prepare for future roles. Here’s how to optimise these downtimes: 

Refresh Your Actor’s Toolkit

Quiet times are ideal for updating your headshots, CV, and showreel. Ensure everything is polished and reflects your most recent accomplishments, so you’re prepared when opportunities emerge. A current and well-maintained toolkit is crucial as it significantly impacts how agents and casting directors view your potential.

Enhance Your Showreel

Showreels are now about showcasing concise scenes against a plain background, highlighting your skills directly from your home. Dedicate time to make your showreel concise, engaging, and professional. A standout showreel can grab the attention of industry professionals and distinguish you from others.

Practice Self-Taping

Use any downtime to refine your self-taping skills. This can greatly enhance your audition submissions and increase your comfort with the process. Experiment with different lighting and angles to best highlight your acting style and features.

Join Acting Classes

Acting classes, whether online or in person, are invaluable for honing your skills and exploring new acting methods. They keep your technique fresh and adaptable. Moreover, they are an excellent way to network and uncover new collaborative ventures.

Practice Self-Taping

Acquire New Skills

Engaging in hobbies or learning new skills outside of acting not only enriches your personal life but can also augment your acting abilities. Whether it’s learning a musical instrument, a new language, or culinary arts, each new skill can make you more versatile and attractive for diverse roles.

Support Your Peers

Assist friends with auditions, engage in workshops, or collaborate on creative projects. Supporting your community strengthens relationships and opens doors to new possibilities. Staying active in your creative community also keeps you motivated and inspired during slower periods.


Watch Live Theatre

Attending theatre shows is profoundly enriching. Analyse performances, understand what resonates with the audience, and network with industry peers. Time spent in the theatre provides invaluable learning opportunities and keeps you connected to the core of the acting profession.

Write and Create

Quiet periods are perfect for delving into writing. Develop scripts, sketches, or other creative pieces that could open new paths in your career and allow you to articulate your creative ideas. Writing sharpens your creativity and offers more control over the roles you wish to portray

Engage With the Arts

Engage With the Arts

Regularly immerse yourself in various art forms including films, books, music, and visual arts. A well-rounded actor often finds more success and authenticity in their roles. Expanding your cultural experiences can deepen your performances and offer fresh perspectives in your acting.

Take Time to Relax

It’s crucial not to underestimate the power of relaxation. Recharging both mentally and physically is essential to prevent burnout and maintain motivation. A balanced approach to work and rest can enhance your productivity and overall well-being, ensuring you are in peak condition for upcoming opportunities.


Though quiet periods in your career can appear daunting, they provide a unique opportunity to reflect, grow, and prepare for the future. By adopting a proactive stance during these times, you can turn a potential setback into a productive experience. When the industry pace accelerates, you’ll be ready to embrace it with confidence and newly honed skills.

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