How to Become a Fitness Model

Fitness modelling is a highly competitive niche, but with the right advice you can make a name for yourself in this booming industry.

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How to Become a Fitness Model

In recent years, we have seen a significant spike in demand for fitness models with more and more mainstream brands looking to tap into this ever-growing market. In fact, the lines between fitness wear and fashion have become somewhat blurred as staying fit and healthy has become a bit of an obsession with the general public.

Of course, this is great news for anyone who wants to become a fitness model as there’s plenty of work out there. But it’s not quite as simple as donning the old sweatbands and declaring that you’re now a fitness model — nope, there’s a little more to it than that.

Now before we dive into how to become a fitness model in Australia and beyond, let’s take a quick look at what a fitness model is and what kind of work they do. Just remember that whether you want to learn how to become a male fitness model or a female one, all the information below applies to you.

What is a fitness model?

A fitness model is someone who will model anything fitness related. This can be gym equipment, active wear, sports gear, or even hiking gear. They can even be called upon to advertise health products such as supplements or to promote fitness related events or activities. If it’s got anything to do with fitness or staying healthy, fitness models are usually the models that are called upon.

Unlike runway models, fitness models will do all kinds of modelling assignments. They may be hired to do a live event, appear in print campaigns such as catalogues, or they may even be asked to appear in TV commercials.

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How to be a fitness model?

First things first, if you want to be a fitness model you’re going to have to meet some pretty tough physical requirements.

Physical requirements

As you may have guessed, fitness models need to be healthy and in great shape physically, but it’s not enough to be ripped. In fact, some fitness models aren’t all abs and biceps at all. However, they will usually fall into the following ranges for height and weight.

Female models – 5’8” or taller weighing around 59kg or less

Male models – 6’ or taller weighing around 77kg or less

The weight requirement isn’t too closely observed as people with more muscle mass can be heavier. What is important though is that you have minimal body fat. Unlike some other forms of modelling, fitness modelling is all about being in shape, so if you’re carrying a few extra kilos, chances are you won’t get too many offers in this niche.

By the way, if you’ve read our guide on how to become a runway model, you’ll notice that the height and weight requirements are quite similar. This is because these sizes tend to be industry standards for live modelling events and fitness models may be required to do some of these events. That said, fitness models who are shorter have made names for themselves so don’t discount yourself if you don’t quite meet the height requirements.

Steps for becoming a fitness model

Get in the right shape

Now you might think that you’re already in good shape and perhaps you are, but it’s important to know that fitness modelling is extremely competitive. That means that clients can have their pick of people who are all in peak physical condition.

But that’s not what we mean when we say to get in the right shape. Before you start looking for work, you’ll need to be happy with the shape that you’re in. If you’d prefer to have a little more muscle mass, then get started on that before you start trying to book assignments. The reason for this is that you’ll need to create a fitness modelling portfolio (which we discuss later) and this will need to be an extremely accurate representation of who you are. So if you have a six pack in your portfolio, a client will expect to see those abs when you’re booked for work.

So get your body to a place where you’re happy with it and try to maintain that physique.

Don’t just focus on your body shape or muscle

Clients want fitness models that look fit which is pretty straightforward, right? But they also want a fitness model with healthy hair and skin and a winning smile. So while it’s important to maintain your shape, it’s just as important to keep your teeth healthy and take care of your skin. After all, fitness models usually promote healthy lifestyles.

Learn about the industry

Like we said earlier, fitness modelling is a very broad modelling niche and can take you on all kinds of interesting and exciting paths. So before you dive in headfirst, learn as much as you can about the fitness industry in general. This will help you decide what particular aspects of fitness modelling you enjoy and might be best suited to.

Create a fitness modelling portfolio

No matter what type of modelling you take up, a modelling portfolio is an essential piece of kit. It’s a client’s first opportunity to see what you have to offer and so it’s crucial that yours makes the right first impression. For fitness models, this is even more important because your body shape and muscle tone are often deciding factors for booking an assignment. This is why you absolutely must make sure that your portfolio is shot by a professional photographer and preferably one with fitness photography experience.

And one more thing — your portfolio must be accurate. As a fitness model, you need to maintain the same physique that is in your portfolio or update your images if you go through any significant changes in muscle mass.

Find a great agency

Finding the right agency is one of the most important steps you can take for any type of modelling as how you are represented play a vital role in how many opportunities you get. But don’t just sign up with the first agency you come across (even if it is Hunter Talent!) Instead, you’ll want to check out a few agencies and see what kind of work they have done in the past. A good agency will have a solid list of clients that they have worked with and while not all will need to be clients in the fitness industry, a few household names would be nice to see.

Most important though is how you feel about the agency. It’s always good to feel respected and valued. So if you’re not getting that vibe in your initial chats, try a different agency.

Now we’re not for a second going to suggest that becoming a successful fitness model is as simple as following these steps. You’ll have to put a lot of hard work in and learn to be thick-skinned when people talk about your body. But if you do put that work in and maintain your physique, there’s a good chance that you can start booking work because like we said earlier, this is a modelling niche that is extremely busy.

If you’d like to become a fitness model but have yet to sign with an agency, then we’d love you to get in touch with us. We’re always on the hunt for fresh fitness talent and you might just be exactly the model that one of our clients is looking for. So go ahead and apply to join us today, we can’t wait to hear from you.

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