How to Become a Makeup Model

Makeup modelling is an incredibly competitive industry and if you want to succeed, you'll need to get off to the best possible start.

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How to Become a Makeup Model

Have you ever looked at a makeup ad campaign and thought ‘I could do that’? Or perhaps your friends keep telling you how great your cheekbones are or how smooth and clear your skin is. If so, then you just might be a good candidate to become a makeup model. It’s a niche in the modelling industry where there is always demand for new faces and that’s why we’ve created this quick guide explaining the steps you need to take to get started in the world of makeup modelling.

Can anyone be a makeup model?

First we have to tackle the one question that is most likely on the tip of your tongue right now — can anyone be a makeup model? Well, the answer is yes…. and no.

The fashion and beauty industries are embracing diversity wholesale. This means that regardless of your age, height, gender, ethnicity, or size, there are plenty of opportunities out there right now. You can be an older male model or a plus sized model and enjoy success in your career.

And when it comes to makeup modelling diversity is also embraced. However, there is one requirement that many clients insist on and that is that their makeup models have clear and unblemished skin.

So yes, anyone can be a makeup model, but models with clear skin (regardless of colour) will likely have more opportunities.

Can anyone be a makeup model?

What does a makeup model do?

The clue is really in the name 🙂 A makeup model will, you guessed it, work with makeup and beauty product brands to help promote their products and services. This can include both photographic/print campaigns and TV commercials. But what you may not know is that makeup models may also have to do public appearances from time to time at events and exhibitions where clients are showcasing their products. Some makeup models will even take on the role of an influencer and help promote their client’s products through social media.

How much does a makeup model get paid?

How much does a makeup model get paid?

This depends on the client and the campaign involved. A small local campaign will have a smaller budget than a national or global campaign so the rates may differ. What we can tell you though is that makeup models will usually make the same standard rates as regular models.

Here at Hunter Talent, we only accept briefs from clients who are prepared to pay a rate that we feel is acceptable for the work involved. This means that our makeup models know that any job we put them forward for will pay a fair and reasonable rate. Your final pay will depend on how many hours you need to work and any travel that may be involved too.

How to get started as a makeup model

How to get started as a makeup model

If you are interested in becoming a makeup model then the first thing that we suggest you do is find a reputable agency that will be honest with you about your chances of booking work. For this part, you’ll need to be a bit tough-skinned (metaphorically speaking of course!) This is because any agency that you speak with is going to have to be quite straightforward about your skin and your facial features. Just remember that this is not a question of beauty, merely an assessment based on the general requirement s of the industry.

Finding the right agency can be tough as the industry is currently flooded with agencies. The problem we have right now is that some of these agencies are not what you would call reputable. They are often in it for the money and simply want to collect your membership fees regardless of whether or not they think you can make it in the industry.

Look for an agency with a history of taking good care of its makeup models. You can even try speaking with makeup models through forums or if you know one personally, all the better. It may take you some time to figure this part out, but trust us, finding an agency you can trust will make all the difference in your modelling career.

Call a professional photographer…

Once you have found an agency, the next step is to call a professional photographer and arrange a portfolio photo session. Clients will expect to see photos that have been taken in a studio environment and so that’s what you are going to give them. The agency may have some recommendations for you but be sure to shop around so you can get the best value.

A word of warning though — your choice of photographer can be quite important as this is not your regular family portrait. So look for a photographer that has model portfolio experience as they will know all the right angles and exactly what clients look for in a portfolio shot. Be sure to tell them beforehand that this is going to be for a makeup model portfolio so they’ll know what type of shots you’ll need.

Call a professional photographer

…and a professional makeup artist

There’s no point in booking that professional photo session in that big bright studio if you don’t have the right makeup, right? Ideally, the makeup artist will come to the studio with you as you’ll need a little help throughout the shoot. This is because you’re going to present at least two versions of yourself.

Professional makeup artist

First off, you’ll want a clean photo of yourself with no makeup. This will give the client an idea of what the real you looks like and if you’re suitable for their product or their campaign. It’s all about your natural look for this shot.

Then, you’ll have a few shots of yourself with professionally done makeup. You don’t want this to be too over the top so tell the artist that understated is what you’re going for. Most professional makeup artists who have worked in the industry will know exactly what you’re looking for. This is why you may want to avoid makeup artists that only do weddings and instead choose one that has worked with models.

Think about your cleansing routine

The added bonus of hiring a makeup artist is that you can pick their brains about your cleansing routine. It could be that however you care for your face right now isn’t ideally suited to your skin type. So make sure to ask for some advice. If you are serious about becoming a successful makeup model, then you will need to ensure that you are taking good care of your skin. And that leads us to our next two points!

Eat healthy

It should really go without saying, but we’ll just remind you anyway — if you want healthy skin, you need to eat healthy. That means cutting down on greasy food and staying away from all those pimple-inducing sugary things that we all love so much. But it’s not just about cutting out the bad stuff, it’s also about increasing your intake of the good stuff. More vegetables and fresh fruits along with plenty of water will make a huge difference to your skin health and it will make you feel better too.

Eat Health and Go to Bed Early

Go to bed early

Yeah, we know, you’re not a kid anymore and we’re not your mum. But the truth is that getting a good night’s sleep can be incredibly beneficial for your skin condition. That’s it, nothing else, just go to bed early and take care of your skin!

If you’re thinking about becoming a makeup model and looking for the right agency, then we’d like to throw our hat in the ring. At Hunter Talent, we specialise in model management and have helped many of our talents book work with some of the best known brands in Australia and the world and we’d love to do the same for you. Get in touch with Hunter Talent today or apply to join us and we’ll get right back to you.

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